Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to find things to write about

1. Read a book

Books are a great source of inspiration. You can not only write reviews but also discuss thousands of topics that rise from reading a book. 

- a review
- why this book speaks to me
- best ways to read and study a book
- discuss a theme from the book (love, disappointment, grief etc)
- book covers
- best book stores
- a book that should be turned into a movie

2. Create mood boards

Beautiful mood boards have helped me a lot to get ideas what to write about. You can create them out of magazines etc or make them on your computer. Post you mood board(s) or write about thoughts and ideas that rise from your mood board(s). 

One of my October Blog Challenge topics was a mood board and a lovely Finnish blogger linked up her mood boards HERE.

3. Recycle 

Take your old post and write it again. Make it better: funnier, more informative, deeper, etc. Or write a response to your old post. You might have learned something new after publishing it or grown as a person. 

4. React to news

Read newspapers or watch news and take notes. 

- how does it affect my life?
- what's behind this?
- your solution
- the other side of the story
- how does it make me feel

5. Other bloggers' posts

Read other blogs. Write responses or your own versions of their post. Remember, though, do not plagiarize. 

6. Look around you

Sometimes you just have to take a break and look around. See the the people around you. Try to understand how things work. Your home is also a great source of information.

- what does my home tell about me
- things I need to fix
- how the people around me have shaped me
- what I love about my neighborhood
- my cleaning tips

7. If you would die tomorrow

What would you like to tell your readers if you would die tomorrow? Or what would you do?

8. Find your old diary

Every time I read my old diaries (especially the ones I wrote when I was a teenager) I laugh so hard. My life was so simple. My thoughts were so funny. And my feelings - SIGH - were so ridiculous. But I learn so much about myself reading them. I realize what a long way I've come and how much I've learned about everything.

9. Photos and paintings

You could talk about an artist. I like to try to figure out what's behind the painting. What's the story and how it makes me think and feel. 

I've pinned paintings and photos that inspire me to write. 

10. Things you would never write about

Sometimes you have to have boundaries. But sometimes those boundaries should be broken. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary or uncomfortable, but often it's worth it. 

Sometimes boundaries are a good thing and you should respect them. Why? You tell me.

How do you find inspiration?

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

5 Random Things

1. Flee market

Today we sold our old stuff in a flee market. We had such a great time with my sister. Now I feel strangely liberated owning just little less.

2. Legally Blonde

When I was a teenager, one of my favorite movies was Legally Blonde.  
Couple years ago there was a Legally Blonde musical on Broadway and MTV filmed it. It's on Youtube! HERE.

The license HERE. Yum Ang

3. I lost my Twitter virginity

Couple posts ago I wrote about Twitter. I found a perfect page for me. HERE

4. Pinterest Party

I found a fun Pinterest link up. Do you want more pins? If yes, go HERE.

5. Fun color search engine!

Have you tried TinEye Labs' MulticolorEngine already? I love to play with my blog colors or my home decor colors :)

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Blog Memories - This time last year

Here are my 3 favorite October posts from 2013. Also, happy birthday  birth month to my Blog Challenge!

By Ansel Edwards 

 From flickr.com and used under THIS LICENSE.

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